Google Chrome – The Default Android Browser

The fastest internet browser for PC, Chrome, is Google’s flagship browser for Android OS based mobile phones. Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not look so impressive performance on mobil fon devices thereby reducing application rating among smartphone users.

Android’s Google Chrome default browser

Until a year ago, Android mobile phones were come with built in web browser that was running very well. I have no idea why Google decided to make its Chrome app you as the default browser on the mobil fons but they made a terrible mistake. Chrome for Android smartphones is way to far to be perfect.

First of all, Chrome browser app doesn’t run smooth on low level Android smartphone devices. Every update the mobile phone application gets, add some more bugs into the software instead of fix it. Of course Google Chrome does not got a Flash support so mobil fon users can dream some more.

Still it is not bad for Android mobile phone users, there are still many Android mobil fon browser apps on Play Store that can replace Google’s browser. Also I can still say that you can use Chrome on your smartphone as compromising the browsing speed and the lack of Flash support.

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